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Get the right medications for you based on your unique genetics.

Because You Deserve To Know

You have variations in your genes that directly affect whether particular medications will work for you, or if they might actually be dangerous for you. 

With a simple cheek swab, you can get the answers you need for the rest of your life about which medications will be best for you based on your unique genetic profile.

You will get to work directly with one of our clinical pharmacists to find out how you can get medications tailored specifically for you.

America has a drug problem, but maybe not the one you’re thinking of.


The Right Medications

Half of all medications on the market today will be ineffective or minimally effective for you. Stop guessing. Make sure you get the right one, right away.


Avoid Drug Reactions

Don’t be one of the 1.3 million people who visit the emergency department each year, all due to adverse reactions to prescribed medications.


Everyone Wins

You have something in your makeup that affects how well particular medications work for you. Everyone does. This information could be critical for your healthcare today and for the rest of your life.

Your genes make the single largest difference in your response to medications, and the ExactMeds® personalized medication service makes truly personalized prescribing for you possible. With a simple test and a thorough consultation with one of our licensed pharmacists, you can finally get healthcare that is tailored exactly for you.    


Getting the answers for what medications are best for you could change, or even save, your life. The ExactMeds® personalized medication service is easy to use and includes a thorough consultation with a licensed pharmacist.

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Live Healthier, Longer

ExactMeds® can help you get the right medications right away, and with fewer side effects.

Dorothy doesn’t want to miss a thing when it comes to her family. She has seven grandchildren and wants to watch each of them grow. ExactMeds™ is helping her do that.

Dorothy has struggled with high blood pressure for years and just wasn’t able to find the right medications to make her even feel human. She’s tried multiple medications with limited results and endured the side effects that came with them. ExactMeds™ changed all that.

Like millions of others, Troy battled significant depression for more than a year, trying different medications for six weeks at a time with no improvement. Some did nothing to help while some caused terrible side effects, and his suicidal thoughts were a grave concern to his family. A quick test showed clearly how the medications he had been prescribed over the past year were simply not right for his genetic profile and a new, personalized treatment plan showed real results in less than two weeks. “Yeah baby. I’m back.”

A few years ago, Jake was prescribed codeine for pain relief after minor surgery. What he didn’t know was that he had something in his genetic profile that made codeine very dangerous for him. A standard dose for most was actually an overdose for him, and his family had significant trouble waking him up after taking it. Some aren’t as lucky as he was.

Prescription pain killers are some of the most common, and some of the most dangerous, medications on the market today. ExactMeds™ can tell you which ones are the safest, and likely to be the most effective, for you.

Why ExactMeds®?

This quick and easy process will make it possible for us to tell you which medications will be safest and most effective for you, and give your prescribers the tools they need to write prescriptions that are just right, just for you.


Failure rates for some classes of medications can be as high as 75% and genetic factors can account for almost all of this. Virtually everyone has a variance in their genetic profile that could affect how their body metabolizes particular medications. ExactMeds®, including a consultation by a PGx-trained pharmacist, is a good first step toward getting better healthcare, faster.

The Right Medication


With many medications, it’s difficult to tell whether or not it’s actually working for you, but you need to know. A quick and simple cheek swab can tell you if the medication you’re on is right for your genes and has the best chance of being safest and most effective for you. That’s always a good place to start.

The Only Way to Know


While the science behind ExactMeds® does not yet apply to all medications on the market, there are several classes of medications where more personalized prescribing could have significant, even life-changing benefits. When you need cardiovascular, behavioral health and pain medications, you need them to work right, and right away.

Where Does It Help?

How it Works

ExactMeds® is quick and easy, but gives you the critical information you and your healthcare providers need to make your healthcare truly personal. You’ll get information that’s easy to understand and act on, a treatment plan that’s tailored just for you and lower healthcare costs across the board.

  1. Order ExactMeds®
  2. Submit Sample
  3. Sample Processed
  4. Medication Action Plan
  5. Recommendations
Step One

Order ExactMeds®

Order through our web site here and an RxGenomix specialist will contact you to help you get started.

Step Two

Submit Sample

RxGenomix will send a collection kit to you. Just follow the self-collection instructions carefully, then send the collection device and signed form back to us.

Step Three

Sample Processed

The sample will be processed by one of our CLIA-certified labs, and a detailed report will be produced. These can easily be over 35 pages.

Step Four

Medication Action Plan (MAP)

An RxGenomix clinical pharmacist will review the full report, along with any information you have provided, to create a brief but actionable MAP that tells you and your healthcare providers what is most important about your results.

Step Five


An RxGenomix clinical pharmacist will contact you to discuss your results and the MAP, which you should take to your prescriber(s). Do not make any changes to your medication regimen without a direct consultation with your providers/prescribers.

Let’s Talk

If you have questions in your search for a more personalized pharmacy solution either for yourself, for the people at your company or those in your care, please let us know. We’ll get right back to you. Just tell us a little bit about what you’re interested in.

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    Questions You May Have

    Until recently, medications have been developed with the idea that each drug works pretty much the same in everybody. However, genomic research has changed that “one size fits all” approach and opened the door to more personalized approaches to using and developing medications.

    Depending on your genetic makeup, some medications may work more or less effectively for you than they do in other people. Likewise, some medications may produce more or fewer side effects in you than in someone else. As this science continues to evolve, healthcare providers will be able to routinely use information about your genetic makeup to choose those medications and drug doses that offer the greatest chance of helping you. 

    PGx may also help to save you time and money. By using information about your genetic makeup, healthcare providers may be able to avoid the trial-and-error approach of giving you various medications that are not likely to work for you until they find the right one. UsingPGx, the “best-fit” drug to help you can be chosen from the beginning.

    Some of the more common conditions treated by these medications include, but are not limited to:

    • Chronic or acute pain
    • blood pressure (elevated)
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • other mental health conditions
    • diabetes
    • cholesterol (elevated)
    • cancer
    • arthritis
    • acid reflux
    • peptic ulcer
    • migraines
    • thyroid disorders
    • asthma/COPD
    • heart attack

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently has pharmacogenomic information listed in the package labeling of more than 250 medications, including many of the most prescribed, and this number continues to grow. Testing can apply to prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, herbal supplements, nutraceuticals and recreational medications. 

    Nearly every test returns information that could, at some point, be beneficial to you, your physician, and your pharmacist. While this does not necessarily mean a PGx test will be relevant to a medication you are currently taking, nearly everyone tested will have a variation in their genes that applies to how your body processes medications.

    2.2 million serious adverse events occur per year, according to a report published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. These ADEs lead to approximately 1.3 million emergency room (ER) visits per year, and $3.5 billion excess spend of medical costs. [1]

    1 – National Human Genome Institute  – National Institutes of Health (NIH)  www.genome.gov

    Each human being has some 30,000 genes in their DNA. Our current PGx testing looks at just 45 of those. That’s it. We’re only testing for variations in these few genes that affect how your body processes medications, or doesn’t.

    If you are a benefit provider (employer, insurer, third-party administrator, etc.) we can help you start a program for those you serve. Contact us at (615) 814-2911 and we will work together to determine your needs, answer your questions and send you more information.

    RxGenomix’s pharmacogenomic reports include genetic health risk information that has not been reviewed by the FDA. The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic service leverages advanced genotype data to identify clinically relevant variants via patient saliva DNA for the purpose of understanding one’s health risk via medication utilization. The ExactMeds® program is not intended to diagnose any disease. A patient’s ethnicity may affect the relevance of each report and how one’s genetic health risk results are interpreted. Information delivered via the ExactMeds® service is not intended for a patient to independently act upon a medical decision, but rather to inform and provide the genetic risk information to share directly with their licensed provider.  The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic reports are not intended to tell a patient anything about their risk for developing a disease in the future.  

    The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic service utilizes genotyping data to identify medication risk factors for the purpose of reporting and interpreting to inform discussions with a healthcare professional.  The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic report provides certain information about variants associated with metabolism of some therapeutics and provides interpretive drug information regarding the potential effect of those medications. 

    Warning: Pharmacogenomic test results should not be used to start, stop, or change any course of treatment without consulting with a patient’s provider. The ExactMeds® pharmacogenomic service is not a substitute for an appointment with a patient’s healthcare professional. For important information and limitations regarding pharmacogenomic testing, please visit: How Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Works – RxGenomix